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Cooking when there’s no time to cook

I’ve really slacked on my blog since school started, but I am at least still cooking most nights. But we’ve been so busy we haven’t been doing the CSA thing because food was going uneaten. We’ve slowly been trying to get back into it, and I even spent one Sunday night cooking freezer meals that we’re still eating three weeks later. Now we can supplement with vegetables from the farmer’s market without the whole meal being much work.

On Sunday night, I cooked:

An entire bag of brown rice, which I portioned into 2-serving sizes in freezer bags
Yummy bean burritos
Two quiches-I used this recipe in two premade pie shells.
Chicken Souvlaki dump chicken (sounds appetizing, huh?) It is. 🙂
Sweet and hot pasta sauce

And later in the week, I made sloppy joes and froze the leftovers. I did them on the stovetop, not in the slow cooker.
I also made barbecue chicken in the crockpot, which we ate over baked potatoes and then froze the leftovers.

By now we’ve finished the quiches, all but one of the burritos and about half of the meat dishes. We still have pasta sauce and some rice I’m going to use this week in shrimp fried rice. I think I’ll spend another night cooking like this in a couple weeks, since finals will be fast approaching!


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